What is ClinvestiGator

ClinvestiGator is a Web-Based System for Data Collection

  • The researcher defines the data, fields and forms that need to be included
  • The ClinvestiGator team creates the web-based version of these forms as part of the database
  • Data can be entered by diverse users including research staff and study participants
  • Data from other sources can be imported into ClinvestiGator

ClinvestiGator Facilitates Study Coordination

  • Investigators can easily manage the flow of the study protocol
  • Study participants can be followed over time
  • Study participant status at any point in time can be easily determined
  • Time sensitive “To Do” list is maintained by the system
  • Information can be easily communicated among members of the study team
  • Staff workload and productivity can easily be tracked

ClinvestiGator is a Powerful Tool for Real-Time Reporting and Analysis

  • Reports can identify populations or outcomes of interest
  • Reports can be run in real time to analyze variables of interest
  • Reports can be run to determine overall study status
  • Reports can be run to export data

“I can’t imagine how we could have conducted the ‘Small Changes and Lasting Effects’ (SCALE) trial without ClinvestiGator. We recruited over 600 subjects from 6 community based settings and followed them over 3 years. ClinvestiGator enabled our staff to gather the correct information at each time point for each participant and enabled the study team to monitor recruitment,” . Read more…