We have used Redcap for prior projects and were delighted at how much more flexible ClinvestiGator is. The big problem with Redcap is that once you start using it, it cannot be modified. This is a significant advantage of ClinvestiGator.
The remote data entry feature of ClinvestiGator is a major advantage for multi-site trials. Our trial will engage 2000 patients at 80 practices over an 800 mile area, many in remote rural counties. The system is well-designed to meet these challenges. Furthermore, Cornell is in New York City while these practices are scattered throughout North Carolina and Alabama. These distances are not a barrier at all to using this great system.
Setting up the system for our study has been a pleasure. The ClinvestiGator team is highly engaged and responsive. In many cases we provided surveys and had a draft of the system ready for test driving within a few days. They are a really delightful team to work with.

M. Safford, MD


I can’t imagine how we could have conducted the ‘Small Changes and Lasting Effects’ (SCALE) trial without ClinvestiGator. We recruited over 600 subjects from 6 community based settings and followed them over 3 years. ClinvestiGator enabled our staff to gather the correct information at each time point for each subject and enabled the study team to monitor recruitment, staff productivity, understand trends and to analyze results at the drop of a hat. The ClinvestiGator team responded quickly to all of our requests for changes as the study evolved and helped us to achieve our objectives.

E. Phillips, MD


ClinvestiGator has been instrumental in creating the data management systems to support our complex, multi-site, multi-disciplinary research activities. Jim Hollenberg and his team not only understand what is needed to accomplish our research but provide insights that help us to do better research. ClinvestiGator allows us to capture and analyze data and to review and understand the progress of our projects in a way that would not be possible with any other system. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

M. Charlson, MD