About Us
ClinvestiGator has been developed based upon over 30 years of experience in clinical research and medical informatics. The ClinvestiGator team of informatics system experts, includes computer scientists, programmers, methodological, statistical and research experts and exceptional user support. Unlike other off-the-shelf packages, ClinvestiGator provides the ability to customize the system to individual researcher needs, and the team develops and adapts the ClinvestiGator data management system as required to meet the objectives for a specific study or registry.
Because we have performed our own research over the last three decades, the ClinvestiGator team understands what is required to automate the research process to improve study workflow and to analyze study data.

Meet the Team

James P. Hollenberg, MD

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Martin J. Gerard, MS

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Lew Perin, MS

Dr. James Hollenberg received his M.D. from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed his Internal Medicine Residency program at The New York Hospital [now NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (Weill Cornell Campus)]. He then went on to New England Medical Center and Massachusetts Institute of Technology to complete a fellowship in Clinical Decision Making.
Upon completion of his training, Dr. Hollenberg returned to Weill Cornell Medical College and joined the Weill Cornell Internal Medicine Associates practice. Dr. Hollenberg is an expert in medical informatics and in medical decision analysis.

As an engineer, Martin enjoys solving problem and he’s very good at it. His acute sense of business coupled with an incredible vision make him the perfect business analyst for our group.
Martin is a natural-born teacher who enjoys helping others. On a soccer field as a coach or in a class room as a professor, the passion, the dedication are palpable. He enjoys the user-support aspect of computers as well.
With over 25 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Martin is a wealth of knowledge, someone you go to with any questions. He also holds degrees in Operations Research and Database Application Development and Design. He jogs, loves football (the real football!), loves martial arts and take great interest in economic sciences.

Over forty years’ experience designing computer software in disciplines ranging from data communications to medical patient care.
More than twenty years of this time have been devoted to medical care and medical research at Weill Cornell Medicine. A continuing interest in modern software techniques and presenting information to humans in a form they find useful.