Feature List


User access control
All data entry fully auditable
Role level security – Task level security
Multi-site security

Ease of use

Branching logic
Dynamic forms
Automatic scoring of forms during
data entry
Field / form / patient level data validation
Direct study participant data entry capabilities.
Track email response rate
Send reminders to users and study participants
Collect data from multiple predefined time points as well as event driven
Reuse data collection forms for longitudinal data with optional normalization of data on output


Fully programmable report capability
Real time reporting
Automatic scheduled reporting
Report library

Rapid design

Online rapid design tools
Predefined standard clinical form library
Ability to share forms and data across studies and registries
Dynamically adjust form control


Compatible with all browsers
Support rich set of datatypes including files such as documents, audio, video, images.
Complex / programmable flow control
Import / export data to data analysis packages